Ion Plays Well with others

CRM and MarTech

Empower your marketing technologies with first-party data

Ion smoothly shares its wealth of explicit, descriptive, interactive content data with both up and downstream technologies.

Social Media & Video

Embed everything, share everywhere

Easily share your content experiences across social media and bring your external video content in.

Web analytics & call tracking

Keep on tracking

Continue using your current marketing analytics and tracking methods in your interactive experiences.

Shopping cart & transactional environment

Track conversions from a shopping cart or transactional environment including conversions, key events, and capturing custom data such as average order value, etc.

Export data as you need

Ion is flexible and allows for several data export options from manual and scheduled to custom integration.

Schedule Email Integrations

Automated export of collected data. Exports can occur in real-time or can be set to export at the beginning of the hour at your preferred frequency.

Export On-Demand Data

Any data collected in the platform is automatically stored in the platform's database by default. This data can be manually exported at any time as a Raw Data File (.CSV).

All-Purpose Integration Options

Along with the built-in integration methods, Ion also supports integrating with most modern marketing technology systems through several common integration options. Rest APIs, Form post handlers/receivers, SOAP services, Most other types of "web services".

Ready to get started?

Learn how you can integrate your favorite tools with Ion.