Why Interactive Content?

Is your Company meeting Consumers Expectations?

Today 84% of consumers expect brands to produce content that entertains, provides solutions, and produces personalized premium experiences*. Source: Meaningful Brands 2019 report
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more likes and shares received

by infographics

Source: Hubspot, 2020


of people watch videos

to learn more about a product

Source: State of Video Marketing, 2018

Drive Engagement and Awareness with Interactivity that brings Content to Life

Interactive content increases brand awareness by encouraging users to actively engage with the content. Customers love to browse new interactive infographics, videos, and reports, driving a clear brand lift, when compared to boring static content.

Create a digital dialog between visitors and your content

Interactive content is a form of content strategy that enables marketers to create a digital dialogue between a visitor to their content and their marketing automation platform.

Create memorable experiences that stand out

Keep the audience engaged for longer, and provide better value

Achieve a higher brand recognition and positive perception.

Interactive Experiences drive


more conversions than static content

Source: Demand Metric, 2020

Significantly Improve Lead Generation

People are willing to provide their information in exchange for valuable content and meaningful experiences. Use quizzes, solution finders, interactive ebooks, and other valuable interactive experiences to drive new leads at scale.

Collect meaningful Data that Accelerate Sales Cycle and Drive Results

Our data collection and integration capabilities make sales and marketing teams love us. Use ROI calculators, product configurators, lookbooks to present and educate about your product, while capturing data on every prospect, provided in a privacy-friendly, compliant way.

Capture meaningful responses directly from buyers

Rapidly deliver those insights to sales and marketing

Increase revenue velocity and efficiency

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Getting started with Interactive Content

How to Replace Boring Content with Engaging Experiences.


2021 Interactive Benchmark Report

Take a look at the performance of interactive experiences in multiple industries and formats.

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