Ion for Software and IT Companies

Make complex products simple

Accelerate your sales cycle with interactive content like solution finders, ebooks and assessments that will effectively communicate value, assist and educate buyers.

How the best tech marketers are using Ion

Turn technical information into visual, immersive and easy to consume content

Make complex products specifications fit buyer's needs effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate data collected to other martech platforms

A powerful platform to fuel your content

Content formats for every step of the buyer journey

From pure awareness content like interactive infographics to sales enablement calculators and solution finders.

Design and create content effectively at scale

Speed up your turnaround time and be creative with Quick Start templates and responsiveness out of the box. 

Capture meaningful and useful first-party data

Measure every interaction, capture declared data, integrate with your marketing stack and optimize your content.

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing automation tool

Featured Case Study

Dell uses interactive content to create engaging user experiences.

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