Ion for Retail Companies

Increase social share and sales

Stand out, increase brand awareness and capture valuable data with interactive content experiences.

How the best retail companies are using Ion

Create content that is highly visual and immersive

Increase brand awareness and drive social shares

Track conversions through your purchase funnel

A powerful platform to fuel your content

Content formats for every step of the buyer journey

Convert website visitors into loyal customers with premium content experiences that will attract and retain attention establishing your brand.

Design and create content effectively at scale

Speed up your turnaround time and be creative with Quick Start templates and responsiveness out of the box. 

Capture meaningful and useful first-party data

Measure every interaction, capture declared data, integrate with your marketing stack and optimize your content.

Shopping cart & transactional environment

Track conversions from a shopping cart or transactional environment including conversions, key events, and capturing custom data such as average order value, etc.

Case Study

How Dell achieved double-digit conversion rates across multiple teams, 9 brands and 2 languages

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