Interactive Marketing Calculators

Demonstrate value and capture information to accelerate sales

Drive traffic and provide real value by giving your users a fully customized experience based on their inputs.

Gain invaluable insight into where your leads business is at and how you can help them

Interactive calculators can be leveraged throughout the customer journey to generate awareness, capture leads and gain valuable data. Late-stage calculators tackle tough tasks like showing the ROI and pricing to inform and accelerate sales. You can use calculators as stand-alone experiences or embedded in your site, gated or ungated according to your marketing strategy.

Your sales and marketing teams also gain valuable data from the buyer’s participation and can use the completion of a calculator as a buying signal, triggering them to follow up and close the sale.

An interactive tool that engages
and generates results

How to create a marketing calculator

Interactive calculators are a great way to deliver customized information to your visitors, increasing the chances they will engage with your offers or buy your tool.

With Ion, your Interactive Calculator builder, you can create and launch a personalized experience without hiring a developer in under an hour

How to generate leads with calculators

Nothing illustrates a quantifiable outcome better than a calculator. For leads who are actively evaluating whether or not the ROI of a solution justifies their investment, a calculator offers hard evidence that builds credibility during that critical period between attention and action.

Calculators can be engaging and fun while demonstrating value. They provide useful information and build your brand with user-centered marketing communication.

How to create a calculator for website

With Ion, it is possible to create a customized interactive calculator for your website and type of service/product offered by you. Using a template, you only need to personalize it and then share it with your audience.

ROI calculator, savings calculator, BMI calculator are some of the models available. It is also possible to use a model that allows adding up to 3 calculators on the same site.

Get your Interactive Calculator customized and launched without development in under an hour

Calculators can be complex to create but when done correctly, they are so valuable. Here you can check some examples of marketing calculators. They will help you to start.

ROI Calculator Quick Start
The ROI Calculator experience lets visitors see their potential return on investment. With this example, we use ROI from pay-per-click advertising. Using the built-in logic from this example you can substitute your own business data for the calculations.

Vertical Savings Quick Start
eCommerce products are often times offered at a discount when purchased in bulk. This Quick Start will get you up and running with a calculator that allows visitors to see savings value based on the number of units purchased.

Cengage Savings calculator
eCengage created an interactive calculator to show how much students can save on course materials with Cengage Unlimited.

VSP’s interactive

VSP’s interactive calculator helps its customers determine the right plan for their needs

The savings calculator allows users, in a matter of seconds, to get an impressive savings estimate that they can buy into. It gives new customers a clear idea of the product’s value through interactive content.

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