Interactive Infographics

Transform facts, soundbites and statistics into easily digestible, entertaining content

Interactive Infographics are great at engaging users with valuable information about a business or service.

Create interactive experiences that are great targets for social sharing, boosting awareness and brand building

Using an interactive infographic early in the buyer’s journey will help you generate social shares and increase your reach, while also giving a highly measurable way to gauge which factoids and insights are most compelling for your prospects.

If static infographics were already good, interactive is even better

Add any kind of interactivity to your infographic to make it even better. Quick trivia quizzes, reveal tiles, music, videos and so much more. Unleash your creativity to make your experience even more engaging.

Get your Interactive Infographics customized and launched without development in under an hour

Check some of our Quick Start templates and customer examples.

Gated Infographic Quick Start
The Gated Infographic Quick Start is the perfect digital experience to share your information with the world, while also capturing important lead information.

Branded Infographic
Animations and interactive elements entice visitors as they scroll through the single-page design. And, if you're looking for leads, calls-to-action are built in at the top and bottom of the page.

NetApp – The tale of two new clients
This illustrated, interactive infographic is split into two different new customer scenarios. NetApp breaks down the new customer experience and offers a CTA to learn more about their product.

Customer Story

Twilio Infographic

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