Interactive Landing Pages and Microsites

Capture valuable data even without a conversion

For a user, landing pages are often simple, including just copy and a form. Interactive landing pages provide marketers with engagement data even if a user didn’t convert.

Go beyond conversion and optimize

Static landing pages are conversion focused pages, encouraging users to convert - either by encouraging form fills or purchases. Interactive landing pages and microsite can engage beyond a simple form conversion to build brand awareness and capture interaction insights.

Increase the focus on what your products or services are with easy to consume content

Add any kind of interactivity to your landing page or microsite to engage and communicate your value better. Calculators, sneak peaks, quizzes, reveal tiles, music, videos and so much more. Unleash your creativity to make your experience engaging while capturing insightful data on your prospects preferences and needs.

Get your Interactive Landing Pages or Microsites customized and launched without development fast

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Gated Asset Landing Page (Basic)

Landing Page with Product Selection

See what other companies are already doing with Interactive Landing Pages

Check some of our customer examples

Sears created an interactive landing page where customers could request and book service for their Kenmore appliances.

DHL Express created this interactive landing page containing many interactive elements and a form that allows users to set up their next business shipment.

Created for the holiday season, this Robbins Research interactive landing page served as a one-stop-shop for those interested in Tony Robbins’ seasonal offers.

Case Study

10x sales opportunities

Dell started with Quick Start templates from the Ion platform and was able to quickly launch and test targeted pages and microsites without help from developers. They experienced great results, attributing their landing page initiative to increase sales opportunities by 10x in a two-year span.

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