Interactive eBooks and White Papers

Transform your boring static content into entertaining and high-performing experiences

Instead of a lengthy resource that a visitor will skim through and discard, transform static ebooks and white papers into an engaging asset they’ll want to share.

Unlike static content, interactive eBooks and White Papers allow for content personalization and data capture for each and every interaction

As the buyer navigates the information most relevant to them, a feedback loop illuminates the lead’s interests while also offering further lead qualification. Both the user and marketer learn what’s important. Especially useful in the early stages for building brand credibility and establishing thought leadership.

Our powerful logic allows you to be creative and generate awareness, leads and content insights according to your marketing strategy

Create interactive experiences that are great targets for social sharing, and with such high conversion rates for lead generation.

Get your Interactive eBooks and White Papers customized and launched without development fast

Check some of our quickstart templates that will help you start.

White Paper with Segmentation and Quizzes

Easy Long Page White Paper

Gated WP with 1st Chapter Preview

Get your Interactive eBooks and White Papers customized and launched without development fast

Check some of our Quick Start templates and customer examples.

Salesforce eBook
The Trailblazer’s Guide to Apps is an interactive eBook that Salesforce created to demonstrate how five IT “trailblazers” are leading their businesses with apps, with a CTA to download a full-length eBook.

Telerik Mobility for businesses
This interactive eBook is customized to the user’s job title and goals by asking a qualifying question at the start of the experience. Educational content on innovating in the age of mobile apps is then unlocked.

1st Chapter Preview Quick Start
The Gated White Paper with First Chapter Preview is a robust white paper that displays the first chapter without requiring the user to complete a form. Content elements such as animations and tabbed content encourage users to interact and break up the content into something more digestible.

Case Study

4x conversion rate

Purchasing Power built 2 buyer guides interactive ebooks that combined with a solution finder generated an 80% improvement in conversion rate.

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