Interactive Resource Libraries

Showcase your resources the smart way

Interactive resources libraries allow you to be creative while capturing interaction data.

Learn about your audience while they learn about your product

Interactive resources libraries are a great way to showcase your resources creatively in the earlier and mid stages of the buyer’s journey to educate and learn about your audience.

Establish a clear and immediate fit for the buyer

Interactive resource libraries are perfect for educating your users according to what they want to know in an engaging and personalized manner.

Get your Interactive resource libraries customized and launched without development fast

Check some of our Quick Start templates and customer examples.

Cradlepoint Resource Library
This Cradlepoint resource library is a hub for many assets surrounding their retail networking toolkit, including success stories and a webinar.

Symantec Resource Library
This Symantec resource library is a hub for security-related resources, like videos and solution briefs.

Resource Library Quick Start
Presented in a beautiful grid format, this experience allows you to present a variety of assets and calls to action which prompt the visitor to complete a form to access them.

NAA Resource Library

Featured Customer Story

A liability resource library to help during and after the pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions about safety and liability in public and private spaces. The resources in this library are intended to assist property owners and operators with tools and information to ensure compliance with changing guidelines and legislation.

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