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Create an effective experience to demonstrate value while you capture the data needed to move your prospects into the buyer journey.

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People like to compete for recognition almost as much as they do tangible prizes, and while they’re filling out a quiz, you’re learning who they are, how they think and what they care about — all meaningful feedback for a sales team.

Build your brand awareness with content people will want to share

Quizzes are highly effective at getting people to share their results or tag their friends helping your brand grow its reach.

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Visual Quiz Quick Start
Online quizzes are a popular technique to engage your audience in a fun way. This visual quiz presents two image-driven choices for each question.

Sears Myths Busted Quiz
Sears created an interactive quiz to help consumers bust common myths about washing machines.

Orbitz: Work travel partners interactive quiz

Orbitz Work Travel Partners Quiz
Designed by Orbitz themselves, this interactive quiz helps users determine if their work travel partners are a good match.

Featured Case Study

An engaging quiz drives 50 times more participation

BloomReach selected the ion interactive content platform to help them quickly launch a highly engaging quiz. The quiz resulted in an amazing 70 percent conversion rate, providing measurable and meaningful impact.

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